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Composition of Shareholders
(Unit: shares)
Composition of Shareholders : Classification, Name, No. of Shares Held, % of Ownership
Classification Name No. of Shares Held % of Ownership
Largest Shareholder, etc.
(Parties and Registered Board Members Included)
Kim Seung-youn 27,015,297 36.04
Major Shareholders National Pension Service 6,584,679 8.78
Registered Board Members Ok Kyeong-seak 12,546 0.02
※ As of the end of 2018
※ The percentages above are based on ordinary shares outstanding.
Ownership of Treasury Shares
(Unit: shares)
Ownership of Treasury Shares : Types of Shares, No. of Shares
Types of Shares No. of Shares
Ordinary Shares 5,880,000
Non-Voting, Convertible,
Preferred Shares
Total 5,880,000
※ As of the end of 2018
Voting Systems Adopted for
the General Shareholders Meeting
(Unit: shares)
Voting Systems Adopted for the General Shareholders Meeting : Classification, Date
Classification Date
Cumulative Voting System Not Running
Written Ballot System 2006.03.22
Electronic Voting System 2015.03.20