By hiring and deploying employees based on talent profiles, we take the lead in eliminating
employment discrimination based on educational level, gender, and region of birth,
thus nurturing and developing creative talents who will lead the global market.

Hr Policy

Hanwha's growth relies on its people.
We implement transparent personnel management, talent-nurturing education,
and employee benefits for a life of happiness

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A fair and transparent personnel management offering
opportunities to grow with your organization
temp-to-perm transition

Hanwha was the first company among the top 10 Korean conglomerates to
switch 2,043 temporary jobs to permanent positions at the end of January, 2013.

As a result, the share of temporary workers in Hanwha’s overall payroll structure dropped
from 17% to 10.4%. This is less than one third of Korea’s average standing at 33.8%,
and even significantly less than OECD average at 25%. In addition, with 60% of the permanent-
switched positions occupied by women, Hanwha has contributed to women empowerment,
a major issue of today’s society.

Temporary workers in Korea are typically employed on a two-year contract and are significantly
more vulnerable in terms of job stability compared with permanent positions.
personnel management
and promotion/
compensation structure

Hanwha’s job grade system does not follow seniority or salary class
but the value of the duty each employee assumes.

Unlike in the past when job grades were structured according to the length of service,
the company applies an advanced personnel management system that centers on individuals’
competency, performance, and the value of duty each employee assumes. Those whose
performance and competency in their respective positions are fully verified will be moved
to a higher job position. Likewise, when the value of the given job position goes up, promotion
will be carried out. Individuals’ competency, performance, and growth potential are subject
to a fair and rigid evaluation process. The fast-track system, in particular, offers faster promotion
opportunities to those who excel at their jobs to provide more chances for growth.
The compensation structure has been reshuffled to focus on performance to encourage ambitious
goal-setting and achievement (e.g. increasing incentives over basic salary) in line with Hanwha’s
vision. It also includes a spot bonus program for high performers.

Education & training programs designed to
facilitate the growth of employees

Global Talent Program

The Global Talent Program aims at strengthening global competency of outperforming
entry-level employees and fostering next-generation global leaders for the Group. Employees
selected for the program are dispatched to Group’s overseas subsidiaries and branch offices
for job training and education. After three months of an intense off-the-job training, employees
will be dispatched to Hanwha’s key overseas operations, including the U.S., Germany, China, Japan,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Iraq, to work as resident employees for up to two years. Upon
returning, they will be included in a special ca

HPMP (Hanwha Pre-manager Program)

HPMP is designed for all graduates joining Hanwha Group. It offers job skill training and
a loyalty building program particularly necessary in newcomers.


Regional Specialist

This program is designed to nurture regional specialists to meet the need for new project
development at affiliate companies. Manager positions are sent to overseas markets to develop
insight into the local culture and business environment. Over the one to two years of overseas
residency, they will have the opportunity to arm themselves with expertise on the region
to be able to spearhead the endeavor of building up the foundation for global projects and,
career-wise, become aspiring global talent within the organization.

Overseas Study Program
(MBA, Sloan Fellows and other master’s and doctoral programs)

Hanwha Group carries out Overseas Study Program which offers opportunities for studying
at prestigious overseas institutions to manager and team-lead positions. In-depth comprehension
for the Group’s businesses and their respective jobs as well as global competencies are requisites
for the eligibility for this program. Applicants can receive maximum three months of off-the-job
training, with the Group supporting up to 20 million won for pre-study purposes, e.g. trainings,
tests, application fees, etc. Moreover, all expenses over the entire period of study, inclusive
of salary, living expenses, tuition, and alumni association fees, are covered by the company.

Team-lead- and
executive-level programs

EMBA, AMP, Key Talent Development program

Hanwha Group offers ideal training opportunities to the company’s future senior executives
through EMBA programs and AMPs, designed respectively for team leaders and executives.
Another course called Key Talent Development program selects and trains candidates
for the Group’s next leaders who are offered opportunities to cultivate their leadership and
job skill as future leaders.

AMP (Advanced Management Program: Senior management development courses offered
at renowned institutions at home and abroad)
Welfare for the happiness of every Hanwha employee
A caring welfare system
for working mothers

The happiness of every family begins with the mother’s own.

This is why Hanwha Group emphasizes employee benefits particularly focused on childbirth
and childcare and puts women-related welfare on top of anything else. Hanwha subsidizes
subfertility treatment and procedure costs to encourage pregnancy and childbirth, in addition
to allowing shorter working hours and providing prenatal and baby products through
the「Hanwha Moms Package」designed to support healthy and happy births. After giving birth,
working moms at Hanwha can choose their working hours during early days of childcare.
Furthermore, the in-house daycare and nursery allow them to take care of their children
even while at work. The company also grants leave of absence around start of school semester
for parental support.

A warm-hearted
welfare for the wellbeing
of families

Hanwha Group believes true employee welfare can only be achieved
by taking care of both the employees and their families.

Accordingly, the Group adopts the「Refresh Leave」system, which allows employees
to take up to 10 consecutive business days to leave work and spend the time with their families.
In order to encourage actual use of Refresh leaves, employees are offered Hanwha’s accommodation
services and leisure facilities (e.g. Hanwha Resorts) at a discount or are given Welfare Points which
can be used like money. The Group wants its people to truly benefit from “refreshing” with
their families during their time off. Affiliate companies run their own welfare programs:「Family
Day」is a given day of a week designated to promote a culture of work-life balance.

You deserve
to be rewarded
for your hard work!

Refresh Leave

Encouraging vacations up to
10 consecutive business days

Leaves and gift money
for family occasions

In-house daycare

Anniversary gifts

Gifts on birthdays, wedding
anniversaries, Labor Day,
foundation day, etc.

Discount for on- and
offline Galleria malls

Staff discount at online
Galleria Mall and Galleria
Department Store

Club activities

Affiliates subsidize
employee club activities

Children’s school

School expenses subsidized
for middle school
to college students

Reward for
long-term service

Prizes and travel vouchers
for 10, 20 and 30 years

Collective accident
insurance policy

Protection against
diseases and accidents

Commuter bus

Commuter buses bound
for main office
(Janggyo-dong) and Yeouido

Health checkup
for employee and spouse

Medical checkup service
for employees
and their spouses