Notice Regarding the Completion of the Sale of Hanwha Corporation's Shares in KDI

On December 30, 2020, Hanwha Corporation (Hanwha) completed the sale of its shares in Korea Defense Industry Corp. (KDI), a company newly established by the spin-off of Hanwha’s cluster munitions business.
Hanwha has decided to halt its cluster munitions business on humanitarian grounds, and thus spun off and sold the business. Hanwha will neither conduct the business nor hold any shares in KDI in the future.
As a company that specializes in precision-guided munitions based on cutting-edge technologies, Hanwha will continue to contribute to the national security and self-reliant national defense of the Republic of Korea. At the same time, Hanwha will also continue to practice sustainable management while complying with the international community’s ethical standards as a global company.

  • At Hanwha, We’re Going Further Together

  • Established as the first Hanwha entity under the founding philosophy of
    "contributing to the nation and society," Hanwha Corporation has realigned
    its business operations to focus on explosives, defense, trading, and machinery,
    striving to become a world-leading global company that promotes
    the development of humanity and advances human values.
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  • The root of Hanwha Group
  • With our outstanding technological expertise and optimized
    business structure, we are committed to growing into a global leader
    in the industrial explosives sector by developing overseas markets,
    new businesses, and applications business opportunities.
  • State of the art defense technology
  • Hanwha Defense is reborn as a leader of integrated
    defense systems securing our safety with its latest weapon
    systems built upon our know-hows and technical skills over
    past 40 years as we always have been.
  • Total Engineering Solutions
  • Dedicated to the research and development of advanced
    technology that brings convenience to life, we will
    continue to pursue global technological leadership.