Who We Are

Through sustained efforts for increased corporate competitiveness and technological innovation,
Hanwha Corporation has continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading
technological expertise and competitiveness.


“Tricircle,” conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth”
through a dynamic energy

Our Logo

Hanwha’s symbol mark, the “,”Tricircle is the combination of the dynamic circles in 3 different color tones.
The “Tricircle,” which is an essential element of Hanwha’s corporate branding, is a design essence through which
the brand identity can be clearly expressed and reference point from which the brand identity is visualized
symbolically. In addition, by conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth” through a dynamic energy,
Hanwha acquires its visual equity in an effective way.


It is composed of three circles limitlessly evolving and growing through constant changes and innovations.


Through a creative combination, the three circles represent our core values, visions and businesses.
They also visualize Hanwha evolving into a world-class corporation that contributes towards the balanced
development of customers, society and mankind.


It harmoniously expresses and image where a dynamic energy of Tricircles expands and grow limitlessly.