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Oil & Chemical
Petro-Energy +82.2.729.3566
Petrochemicals +82.2.729.3521
Chemical Material +82.2.729.3458
Organic Commodity +82.2.729.3602
Polymer Trading +82.2.729.3629
Machinery & Metal
Industrial Machinery +82.2.729.3741
Defense Sales +82.2.729.3583
Steel1-Export +82.2.729.3715
Steel1-Domestic +82.2.729.3540
Steel2-Export +82.2.729.3556
Steel2-Domestic +82.2.729.3533
Steel2-Non-ferrous Metal +82.2.729.3695
Merchandise Business
Healthcare +82.2.729.3700
Food Resources- Livestocks +82.2.729.3527
Food Resources- Grains +82.2.729.3771
General Commodities +82.2.729.3593
Green Energy +82.2.729.3513
Project +82.2.729.3659
Busan Department Steel3-STS +82.51.320.6252
Steel3-Carbon Steel +82.51.320.6201
Machinery & Bearing-Bearing +82.51.320.9935
Machinery & Bearing-Pneumatic +82.51.320.9954
Commodity Business +82.51.320.9971


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