Sustainable Management

We do the utmost for our social responsibility to create a brighter future.

Safety, Health & Environment Management

SHE Vision

Safe and Healthy life to Everyone, Everywhere!
Beneficial to our Environment and the Community!

SHE Management Policy

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum recognizes safety & health as the top priority core value underlying social responsibility and company’s sustainable growth.
Executives and employees should follow the laws and regulations in all activities of their duties and to achieve a disaster-free and healthy workplace.

  1. We must comply with safety and health laws, establish an autonomous safety culture in which executives and employees actively participate, and create a trusted workplace by managing leading indicators.
  2. Actively identify potential risk factors in all of our activities and Create a safe workplace through continuous improvement.
  3. Establish a crisis management response plan and conduct preemptive management, education, and training. In the event of disaster, minimize the disaster by operating a response system without delay.
  4. Executives and employees should actively participate in preventing accidents, improving the working environment, preventing pollution, and promoting health for fulfilling eco-friendly occupational desease-free workplaces.
  5. Safety and health management activities shall be transparently disclosed to stakeholders, such as executives and employees, partners, and customers, and communicate sincerely
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Hanwha Corporation/Momentum
CEO Yang Kiwon