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Product Inquiry List : general support, Manager, contact, e-mail
Battery Material Domestic/Overseas Oh, Woo Ju +82-31-8092-5753
Electrode Process Domestic/Overseas Kim, Dong Hyun +82-31-8092-5749
Assembly Process Domestic/Overseas Lim, Seong Woo +82-31-8092-5555
Formation Process Domestic/Overseas Lee, Hyeong Tae +82-55-280-8900
Module Pack Process Domestic/Overseas Kim, Eun Kwang +82-31-8092-5562
EV Motor
USA Office Texas Choi, Yong Jae +1-737-233-1652
Germany Office Berlin Kim, Woo Hyung +49-3375-2122-516
Hungary Office Budapest Kim, Chan Wook +36-1-610-4170
Solar Domestic Choi, Hyun Seok +82-31-8092-5718
Overseas Tan Ying Shen +82-31-8092-5755
Display Domestic Lee, Seok Hoon +82-31-8092-5744
Overseas Kim, Dong Min +82-31-8092-5743
Clean Logistics Domestic/Overseas Kim, Min Woo +82-31-8092-5717
Factory Automation AGV Domestic/Overseas Maeng, Jin Ho +82-31-8092-5732
Automated Storage
Logistics Center
Tire Domestic/Overseas Baek, Seung Ha +82-31-8092-5725
Robotics Domestic Heo, Soo Nam +82-31-8092-5229
Overseas Cho, Jung Hyun +82-31-8092-5282
New Renewable Energy Domestic Yu, Jang Ho +82-31-8092-5194
Overseas Yoo, Young Ki +82-31-8092-5730