Company Introduction

Based on our customer-oriented management and leading technologies, we will take an aspiring leap as
a global comprehensive process equipment partner that can ably contribute to the success of our customers.

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum offers automation engineering solution and service for the success of our customer’s businesses.

Ever since being founded as Hanwha Corporation/Momentum in 1953, we have been relentlessly striving to make a leap toward a global specialized
comprehensive process equipment leader, based on our expertise and technologies that we have accumulated for over half of a century.

Through the continuous advancement in technology and innovation, we have provided various kinds of high-value and eco-friendly process
equipment while expanding our fields of business to robotics for the further enhancement of our leading technology.

We, Hanwha Corporation/Momentum will reinforce our partnership with our customers through
the endless R&D for innovative technologies as a global provider of process equipment and smart solutions.

Business Strategy

Providing global leading technologies that contribute to our
customers’ success and human prosperity
Internalization of the core technology -> VISION Automation Engineering Solution and Service Provider <- Establishment of the global customer response system
Expansion of the high value business areas + Strengthening of technical competitiveness +  Provision of the turnkey solutions and expansion of the global market