Company Introduction

Based on our customer-oriented management and leading technologies,
we will take an aspiring leap as a global solution partner that can ably contribute to the success of our customers.

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum offers automation engineering solution and service for the success of our customer’s businesses.

Ever since being founded as Hanwha Corporation/Momentum in 1953,
we have been leading the global machinery industry based on our expertise and technologies that
we have accumulated for over half of a century. Through the continuous advancement in technology and innovation,
we have produced various kinds of high-value machine equipment while expanding our fields of business to robotics for the
further enhancement of our leading technology. We, Hanwha Corporation/Momentum,
will reinforce our partnership with our customers through the endless R&D for
innovative technologies as the most advanced high value-based global automated engineering solution provider.

Major Technology

  • Thermal Technology
    Thermal Technology
    From our heat energy analysis and application technology, we provide thermal equipment systems that are necessary for diverse areas including secondary cells, display, environment, steel, automobiles, and many others. Besides, we offer high-efficiency furnace and energy plant equipment by fusing energy-saving, vacuum, driving systems, and process control technologies. Moreover, we are not only securing secondary battery production lines that require various kinds of heat equipment, but also the integrated operating technology of the turnkey project which is a part of the solar business.
  • Logistics
    By fusing the integrated automated factory technology which includes designing, procurement, installation, follow-up management, and others that have been verified from establishing the world’s first total automated tire logistics system with the smart factory technology, we provide a total solution expandable to logistics centers, robotics market, and AI technology.
  • Vacuum Deposition Technology
    Vacuum Deposition Technology
    HCM provides a total solution for the solar cell production lines based on the vacuum deposition systems controlled by heat, gas, and plasma in a vacuum condition, which are delivered by our excellent hardware system and process. On the basis of our reliable cell production technology that has been verified for mass production along with equipment operation technology, we continue to secure advanced technologies for various types of solar cell applications.

Business Strategy

Providing global leading technologies that contribute to our
customers’ success and human prosperity
Internalization of the core technology -> VISION Automation Engineering Solution and Service Provider <- Establishment of the global customer response system
Expansion of the high value business areas + Strengthening of technical competitiveness +  Provision of the turnkey solutions and expansion of the global market