Company Introduction

Based on our customer-oriented management and leading technologies, we will take an aspiring leap as
a global comprehensive process equipment partner that can ably contribute to the success of our customers.


Developing as a global leader in Process Equipment & Smart Solutions

  • 2021
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the Roll/Reel Press
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the Notching, Stacking Equipment
    Display Developed the Oxide TFT Furmace
    Automation Developed the WES, SMS, ECS
    Solar Supplied TOPCon Pilot Line
  • 2020
    Automation AGV for curing tire
    Automation Developed the small size wheel shorter
  • 2019
    Automation Developed the high-mast LGV
    Automation Developed the WCS
    Solar Developed the T-aSi, a deposition system for the next generation of solar cell technology, TOPCon
  • 2018
    Solar Supplied 1.8GW of Solar Module Line on a turnkey basis (United States)
    Automation Developed the CBS (Cross Belt Sorter)
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the large capacity kiln for the rechargeable Battery Electrode Material
  • 2017
    Solar Supplied 1.5GW of Solar Module Line on a turnkey basis (Korea)
    Solar Supplied 1.5GW of Cell Line on a turnkey basis (Korea)
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the Optical 3D molding machine
    Solar Developed the T-AlOx, a system of the rear side passivation for the PERC Cell
    Automation Developed the high speed wheel sorter
    Automation Developed the small sized LGV (Mecanum)
    Solar Supplied T-AlOx systems for rear side passivation (Korea, China)
  • 2016
    Energy Plant Developed the WTE/Biomax Plant
  • 2015
    Solar Supplied the 1.25GW Module Line equipment (to Malaysia)
    Solar Supply 1.25GW of Cell Line on a turnkey basis (Korea)
    Solar Supplied the 1GW Module Line equipment (in Korea)
    Automation Developed the MSPS (Multi Shuttle Picking System)
    Automation Developed the self-driving LGV
  • 2013
    Energy Plant Developed the production line of the wood pellet
  • 2012
    Display Developed the high temperature furnace
  • 2011
    Automation Developed the assembly process line for the rechargeable cell
  • 2010
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the slit coater for high viscosity
  • 2009
    Automation Developed the 50mH stacker crane
    Automation Developed the synchronized EMS
    Automation Developed the synchronized RGV
    Display Developed the XHot press forming furnace
  • 2008
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the kiln for manufacturing rechargeable cell materials
    Automation Developed the stacker crane for freezing warehouses
    Automation Acquired the patent of the magnetic holder for conveyer
    Automation Acquired the patent of the roller shaft ground system of conveyer
  • 2007
    Rechargeable Battery Developed the coater and processing equipment for manufacturing the rechargeable cell
    Automation Developed the LOADER, 2007RGV, and 2007EMS
    Automation Acquired the patent of the apparatus of serial communication using PLC and photosensors
    Automation Developed the high speed stacker crane
    Automation Acquired the patent of the roller for both driving and friction
  • 2004
    Display Developed the IR clean oven for LCD/OLED
  • 1998
    Display Developed the frit seal and exhaust device and furnace for PDP