Business Areas

We have been operating the industrial machinery system that is centered on the vacuum deposition technology,
heat technology, logistics, and S/W competence. By expanding the high value business-oriented portfolio and overseas
market along with strengthening our technical capabilities, we are taking an aspiring leap as a leader of the global automation engineering solution.


Industrial Furnace

Since 1976, our company has been managing steel & heat treatment furnace businesses
that are based on the technologies related to heat, the driving system, vacuum, ambient control, line control system, etc.

  • Walking Beam Type Furnace
    Walking Beam Type Furnace
    It is essential equipment for creating the condition for the rolling process by reheating the half-finished goods (slab, bloom, billet, etc.) produced from the steelmaking process. Since 1993, when the first delivery was made, it has recorded more than 20 deliveries until the present. Besides, it is the one and only equipment in Korea that is possible to carry out the turnkey engineering, and due to the use of the IR heater and air distribution system with excellent performances, it is possible to realize high precision temperature control and outstanding outgassing. In addition to the stability of the equipment, the application of the latest energy saving technology offers the best quality system.
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  • Automated Pickling Line
    Automated Pickling Line
    This system forms a lubricating film on the surface of the material for removing the scale on the wire coil surface and reducing the friction factor during processing, and a complete automated operation is possible due to the customized designing for different steel grades. Our company also holds the latest technology based on our record of 200,000 tons/year production.
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  • Hot Press Forming Furnace
    Hot Press Forming Furnace
    This system is for manufacturing pressed high-strength steel sheets in order to secure the safety and lightness of a vehicle. The use of the verified roller that has gone through numerous processes and performances allows for greatly stabilized driving.