Business Areas

We have been operating the industrial machinery system that is centered on the vacuum deposition technology,
heat technology, logistics, and S/W competence. By expanding the high value business-oriented portfolio and overseas
market along with strengthening our technical capabilities, we are taking an aspiring leap as a leader of the global automation engineering solution.


New Renewable Energy

Based on our experiences of constructing the Wonju RDF Plant in 2012 and the Jincheon Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line in 2013,
our company has been leading the domestic new renewable energy plant construction.
Also, for the WTE (Waste to Energy) construction field, we provide designing, construction,
and management services incineration and drying facilities based on our heat technology.

  • Waste Energy Plant
    Waste Energy Plant
    By burning or converting the state of the solid, liquid, or gas fuels that are obtained from processing and treating the combustible waste produced from businesses or households, this plant generates energies in the form of heat, hot water, steam, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line
    Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line
    It is a plant where it produces wood pellets as an end product after going through the sorting of alien substances, shedding, smashing, drying, and pellet forming processes from the raw materials including hardwood, woodchip, unused wood, etc.
  • Transformation of Biomass to Energy
    Transformation of Biomass to Energy
    This plant generates energies in the form of heat, hot water, steam, gas, electricity, and others through the sorting, thermal decomposition, and gasification of bio-materials such as plants and livestock other than the raw materials used for wood pellet manufacturing.