Sustainable Management

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility for a brighter future.

Environmental Health & Safet System

Continual improvement based on KOSHA 18001 & ISO14001 management systems
Hanwha Corporation/Machinery has acquired Environmental Health and Safety certifications such as KOSHA 18001 & ISO14001
and we are pursuing maximization of Environmental Health and Safety management by deploying efficient activities and maintenance control.
[Continual Improvement] 1.Policy 2.Planning 3.Implement & Operation 4.Checking & Corrective action 5.


Guidelines, Criteria, Standards > Procedures > Manual


  • KOSHA 18001 Safety and Health Management System Certification

    • Certification Date: 2005. 10. 21
    • Certifying Authority: Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

    • Certification Date: 2011. 02. 13
    • Certifying Authority: BV(Bureau Veritas) Korea Co., Ltd.

ECO-YHES Operational Planning Management

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery’s Environmental Health and Safety
management system reflects an operating plan based on ECO-YHES.
We vigorously take action to achieve maximum results.

  • 01Group Environmental Health and Safety Policy & Guidelines
  • 02 Workplace Environmental Health and Safety Policy
  • 03Workplace Environmental Health and Safety Policy
  • 04Medium/Long Term Investment for Improvement (Costs)
    in Environmental Health and Safety
  • 05Environmental Health and Safety Goals and Detailed Targets
  • 06 Environmental Health and Safety Education and Training
  • 07Environmental Health and Safety Inspections
  • 08Health Enhancements

Management of Regulations

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery is operating a regulatory response
system for enforcing application of requirements at worksites
and monitoring amended regulations for enforcing safety, health,
and environment requirements.

Maintaining Applicable Regulation inventory > Gaining and grasping amended and new regulations > Sharing the contents of amended or new regulations > Responding to regulations => Following regulations Managing losses

Management Structure

General Personal in Charge for the Entire Company CEO,SHE Management Committee,Industrial Safety and Health Committee Management-Labor Committee,SHE Overall Division, Person in Charge of SHE for Operational Divisions, Person in Charge of site SHE

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery has a structure to efficiently manage
KOSHA 18001 and ISO4001, taking each of our roles and responsibilities for Safety,
Health and Environment.

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery undergoes internal audits and group ECO-YHES
evaluations twice a year to ensure efficient operation of Safety, Health and
Environment management systems. Areas for improvement are implemented
after the findings of the internal audit and evaluation are deduced.
The ECO-YHES evaluation is used to evaluate how well workplaces are implementing
Safety, Health and Environment policies(guidelines).