Sustainable Management

We do the utmost for our social responsibility to create a brighter future.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy


The “HES” in ECO-YHES stands for “Health”, “Environment”, and “Safety” together with the positive
word “Yes” in the form of forest(to represent the environment). It is an inherent value of corporate
management for sustainable company development and social responsibility.

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery continuously promotes the following items in recognition of the necessary
principle of “fulfilling company development and social responsibility” through the company’s activities
and services to prevent pollution, damage, and minimize hazardous materials.

Fulfilling Company Development and Social Responsibility

  • Continuous improvement
    of prevention of harm to
    personnel and damage to assets

    1. Provide education and
    training for all personnel
    to actively participate in

    2. Fix dangerous elements
    in all activities and facilities

    3. Improve dangerous and
    hazardous work
    environments and operate
    health-enhancing activities

  • Continuous low-carbon
    green growth and prevention of
    environmental pollution

    1. Minimize pollution
    emissions from waste

    2. Reduce greenhouse
    gas emissions and use
    energy efficiently

  • Environmental Health and
    Safety regulations and
    additional requirements

    1. Comply with Environmental
    Health and Safety
    regulations and
    additional requirements
    the organization
    agrees to comply

In addition we are building an efficient Environmental Health and Safety management system for our entire workforce
and improving maintenance and results. We must carry out regular inspections. I am the head of the Environmental Health
and Safety Team and the Environmental Health and Safety management representative, entrusted with those responsibilities
and jurisdiction. On behalf of this organization, this policy should be communicated with all stakeholders
upon request and all personnel so that it can be implemented.

Park Sung-Bae
Hanwha Corporation/Machinery,
Changwon Plant Manager Park Sung-Bae