Sustainable Management

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility for a brighter future.

Environmental Health & Safety Activities

Zero Accident Campaign
The Zero Accident Campaign first started in 1993. It employs
techniques to realize zero-accident such as efforts by all workers to
uncover potential hazards and tool box meetings.
Hazard Evaluation
Workers participate in understanding hazardous and harmful
elements and establish policies for improvements.
Safety Inspection Day
5S movement unfolds on site through safety inspection days that
take place on the 4th of every month.
Work Tools Inspection
Establishing safety through work tools safety inspections.
Health-Enhancement Programs
Operating health-enhancement for a healthy work life for employees,
such as smoking cessation and obesity management.
Emergency Treatment Training
Implementing professional training to improve responding
capability in emergency situations.
Environmental Purity Movement
Operating environmental purity activities such as the regular
River Purification Movement.
Emergency Response System
Evaluating the level of emergencies through understanding potential
emergency situations in order to minimize losses when emergencies
happen and conducting emergency training that reflects the annual
plans of training cycles for divisions and factories by disaster scale.