Sustainable Management

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility for a brighter future.

Main Goal

Through systematic procurement of source technology and customer-driven R&D activities,
the R&D Center develops new equipment and uncovers Hanwha Corporation/Machinery’s future growth power.

Procuring Source Technology+Development of New Equipment+Hanwha Corporation/Machinery's R&D Control Tower =>OUR MISSION


Laying the foundation for Hanwha Corporation/Machinery’s
future medium and long term growth through procurement
of source technology and uncovering future growth power.
Development of New Equipment

Industrialize and develop new equipment that reflects customer needs

Share info on new biz / create synergy across group affiliates

Uncover future convergence items

Procuring Source Technology

Secure analysis simulation infrastructure

Recruit expert research personnel

Participate national / industrial / institutional R&D projects

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery’s R&D Control Tower

Establish R&D strategy, construct resource distribution and R&D network

Adjust and propose the direction of R&D projects

R&D Areas

  • Machine Tool
    Machine Tool

    With technical innovation conducting
    research and development of automatic
    lathes that can process core components
    for electric electronic, automobiles,
    medical appliances, and aerospace.

  • Display Equipment
    Display Equipment

    Researching and developing processing
    equipments for LCD and AMOLED in order
    to respond to customer demands for
    improvements in equipment

  • Factory Automation Equipment
    Factory Automation Equipment

    Researching and developing unmanned
    automation system to improve assembly line
    productivity and resolve environmental problems.

  • Secondary Battery
    Secondary Battery

    Developing processing equipments of
    an assembly line for secondary battery,
    which has been increasing the areas
    of application including electric cars and ESS.

  • Aerospace

    Conducting a series of technology
    developments from designing to carrying
    out test evaluations of hydraulic power,
    precision controls, and fuel systems
    in the aerospace and defense fields.

  • Solar Equipment
    Solar Equipment

    Preparing to take a foothold in the solar
    business by developing processing equipment
    of an assembly line for solar cells,
    a next generation energy resource
    that has come into the limelight.