Machinery Division

Our commitment to providing convenience through technology drives us to research and develop top-tier,
innovative technological solutions, ultimately moving us ahead on the path to global leadership in the machinery sector.

Providing Total Engineering Solutions
For The Development Of Human Society

Founded in 1953, Hanwha Corporation/Machinery has been leading the global machinery industry by leveraging the technology
and expertise we’ve accumulated for more than half a century. With ceaseless technological development and innovation,
the company has been producing high value-added machinery for various fields such as industrial machinery and machine tools.
The company has strengthened its technical capabilities with advanced technology by extending even into areas such as
aerospace support component business. Hanwha Corporation/Machinery, which contributes to the productivity and quality increases of
domestic and international companies, has been a leader in developing technologies. We are opening up a brighter future
for everyone through continuous research and development.

  • Company Name
    Hanwha Corporation/Machinery
  • Sales
    KRW 8,54 billions(Year of 2015)
  • Founding of the Company
    February 1953
  • President
    Kim Youn-Chul
  • Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment
    With our expertise in thermal energy
    analysis and applications, we provide
    heat treatment systems for the steel,
    automobile, display, and environment
    industries. We also provide highly efficient
    industrial furnaces and energy plant
    facilities which are built from our integrated
    knowledge ranging from energy efficiency
    to vaccumization, driving systems, and
    process control. We have also secured
    integrated technical solutions for turn-key
    cell processing and heat treatment
    projects, which are critical for the solar
    business, the flagship of Hanwha Group.
  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation
    As proven by our successful development
    of the world's first fully-automated
    tire system, we have industry-leading
    know-how in integrated automation
    technology that comprehensively
    covers design, procurement, installation,
    and maintenance. We also leverage
    our flexible facility and precision
    assembly technologies to design and
    manufacture powertrains, the most
    essential components of a vehicle.
  • Precision Processing
    Precision Processing
    Our machine tool solutions include
    24-hour unmanned production systems
    with ultra-precision control with
    an accuracy of 0.1um and a roundness
    and cylindricity of up to 5/1000,  precision
    multi-tasking machine tools that enable
    various cutting solutions (ø3~38),multi-axis
    machining, and micro electrical discharge
    machining. Using this broad spectrum
    of precision metal processing techniques,
    we produce hydraulic aircraft components
    and military equipment components.

Business Strategy

Providing Technology that contributes to
the Development of Human Society
Build global competitiveness + Improve competitiveness + Reinforce = VISION(Global Technology & Machinery)