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Our mechanical know-how and expertise spans heat treatment, automation, and precision processing. With our efforts for business expansion,
business portfolio diversification, and technology internalization, we are making leaps forward to become a global player.

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Solar Introduction

Leveraging our accumulated know-how in industrial and
precision machinery, we are moving forward to become
the world' leading producer and supplier in the solar energy sector.

Based on our specialty in wafer, cell, and module production, our expertise from 30 years in the precision machinery business,
and our world-class factory automation know-how, we deliver high-quality, high-efficiency turn-key cell and
module production solutions and aim high to build our global leadership in the solar energy sector.

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Cell Process Automation
WINS Loading / Unloading System
Wet Bench 1 Loading / Unloading System
POCL Loading / Unloading System
Wet Bench 2 Loading / Unloading System
RPCV Loading / Unloading System
PECVD Loading / Unloading System
Printer Loading / Unloading System
Automated Material Handling System

Key Developments

Supplied 2.5GW module line facilities
Developed an automated cell handling system and won supply contracts
Reached KRW 50 billion in contract volume
Developed and supplied automated cell processing facilities (7 types)
Developed cell processing facilities (PECVD, POCL, and Printer Line)
Participated in SHEC Global Photovoltaic Exhibition
(Start of brand awareness activities)
Developed and made shipped HT-1400 Auto Tabbing Machines
Established the New Business Incubation Center
Produced the first 120MW Module Line
Produced the first PSM5 and PSM10 (wafer sawing machine)
Established the New business Center
Launched the solar business