Business Areas

We have been operating the industrial machinery system that is centered on the vacuum deposition technology,
heat technology, logistics, and S/W competence. By expanding the high value business-oriented portfolio and overseas
market along with strengthening our technical capabilities, we are taking an aspiring leap as a leader of the global automation engineering solution.



Hanwha Corporation/Machinery has established turnkey system for tires for the first time in the world,
and we provide close support to our customers based on our accumulated experiences,
performances, and abilities to develop leading technologies.
Also, from our competence in developing diversified systems and providing a stable supply,
we are able to provide the best solutions for an EV motor and rotor in the shortest period of time.
As we have gained high credibility from domestic and global companies,
we continue to develop and suggest more advanced technologies.

  1. Material process
    1 Material process
    Raw materials such as natural and synthetic rubber are automatically loaded and stored through room temperature/high temperature AS/RS.
  2. Batch process
    2 Batch process
    In this process, the automation system automatically sorts and stores batches produced via batch-off. A stacker crane, RGV, and LGV are used in this process.
  3. Rolling process
    3 Rolling process
    This process passes steel or fabric cords to the cutting line to cladding rubber on cords; the process consists of AS/RS, Loader, and LGV.
  4. Process of semi-finished products
    4 Process of semi-finished products
    This process produces semi-finished products via the transfer, storage and supply of the materials extruded and rolled in the previous processes. Such products are forwarded to the next processes according to their properties, weight, and shape.
  5. Molding process
    5 Molding process
    The logistics automation line in this process supplies semi-finished products to the TBM (Tire Building Machine) via the LGV and transports green tires from the TBM to the green tire AS/RS via conveyor or EMS. The EMS guarantees fast and stable system operation thanks to its optimized system design.
  6. GT AS/RS
    6 GT AS/RS
    This system transfers molded green tires to the AS/RS via a tote or conveyor and loads and unloads tires in and from the AS/RS.
  7. Curing process
    7 Curing process
    The logistics automation system supplies hardened green tires to the curing machine through the EMS system and feeding conveyor.
  8. Inspection process
    8 Inspection process
    In this process, newly vulcanized products are supplied to the visual inspection/trimming/UF/DB systems, and are then stored, loaded and sorted before being transferred to the finished product AS/RS. Conveyors and gantry robots are used.
  9. Finished product process
    9 Finished product process
    Tires that have passed the inspection line process are sorted by the gantry system according to their product specifications, and are then loaded and unloaded in and from the 50meter high AS/RS and forwarded to the shipping trucks via the release gantry and telescopic conveyor.
  • Assembly Magnet Insert Machine
    Assembly Magnet Insert Machine
    Through the automated inserting and press-fitting of the magnet inside the rotor core, this machine allows the batch insert of the rotor magnet to the core using a dummy.
    • C/T : 44sec_1.89sec/EA
  • O-ring Insert System
    O-ring Insert System
    In addition to the O-ring Auto Insert Machine, all of the processes of motor assembly are complete with the most optimized system. Especially, our automated assembly process of the housing O-ring inside the EV motor has realized the automated assembly of the O-ring made of rubber for the first time in the EV motor industry.
    • C/T : 44sec
  • Engine Assembly Line
    Engine Assembly Line
    This system provides the conveyors and automated engine assembly equipment for transferring the engine to each process and assembling the engine parts, and test equipment for engine verification.
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  • Transmission Assembly System
    Transmission Assembly System
    The rear ten-speed automated transmission assembly line that is installed at the Siloa factory (in Mexico) of the client company G for the second time. (GRx Site2)
    • 1. Annual output: 500,000 devices/year
    • 2. Equipment cycle time: 27.9 seconds (auto station)
    • 3. Equipment Life: Ten million cycles and ten years
    • 4. Line composition
      • Reaction Carrier Line
      • Input Carrier Line
      • Output Carrier Line
      • Direct Overdrive Carrier Line
      • E Clutch Line
      • IPS Clutch Line
      • Case Line
      • Valve Body Line
      • Main Line
      • Test & Button Up Line
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