Business Areas

Our mechanical know-how and expertise spans heat treatment, automation, and precision processing. With our efforts for business expansion,
business portfolio diversification, and technology internalization, we are making leaps forward to become a global player.

Aerospace Introduction

Through manpower and endless challenge,
We have been sharpening our global competitiveness.

Our aerospace division is a leader in the domestic aerospace field and has taken its place as one of the primary
supply companies in aerospace and defense for building hydraulic parts, flight control actuators and fuel systems.
Beginning with participation in the national production of the F-16 in 1993, we became known as the first
domestic production license holders for hydraulic actuatorsfor UH-60s, and our business went on successfully
after that. From completing development of a hydraulic components for the KT-1 basic trainer in 1994,
the first time it had been done with domestic technology to central components of the advanced supersonic
trainer T-50 Golden Eagle in 1997, we have been showing off distinctive technology in the aerospace
hydraulics systems, flight control actuators and fuel systems.

Based on this experience, we have successfully participated in the development of the Surion as well as mass production
businesses. In recent years, unmanned systems and satellite launch vehicle businesses are a new growth engine
of Korea’s high-tech industry and we are actively engaged based on advanced technology with global level certifications
such as ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP.

Through these efforts, building the aerospace business and technical infrastructure based on a high
level of ongoing technical advancement and innovation done in the field of aerospace has brought about our leading role.

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  • T-50 Golden Eagle
    T-50 Golden Eagle
  • Performance Test For Hydraulic Parts
    Performance Test
    For Hydraulic Parts
  • Defense Quality Management Award
    Defense Quality
    Management Award