Who We Are

Through sustained efforts for increased corporate competitiveness and technological innovation,
Hanwha Corporation has continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading
technological expertise and competitiveness.

Purpose and Principles

  • 01
    Compliance Control shall be operated based on the awareness that the assurance of legality and validity
    in all fields encompassing corporate structure, business activities and other management matters will
    maximize profits and further contribute to the fulfillment of the corporation’s social responsibility.
  • 02
    Compliance Control does not exist as a formality, but functions practically and at the same time
    aims for a proactive, preventive approach rather than a passive, corrective approach, thereby
    establishing a Compliance Control System true to its name.
  • 03
    No unnecessary burden shall be placed upon any business team (department) or directors
    and employees. A system with the bare minimum required shall be established, to be continuously
    developed and supplemented thereafter.