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1. Overview
  1. (1) Daily Compliance Support
  2. (2) Inspection
  3. (3) Training
  4. (4) Report and Validity Assessment
2. Daily Compliance Support
  • Based on the Company’s “Legal Regulations”.
  • With regard to the activities of the Company requiring legal review (“Legal Work”), the team responsible for the work
    (the “Responsible Team”) is to provide timely and proper response for effective discussion.
  • Scope of Legal Work
    • i) Enact and revise Articles of Incorporation and bylaws.
    • ii) Prepare and review documents which either give rise to, alter or terminate the Company’s rights or obligations,
           or certify important facts, including but not limited to agreements, contracts, MOUs, and LOIs.
    • iii) Review legal matters related to conducting a major project.
    • iv) File, proceed with or cooperate in a litigation, mediation or arbitration.
    • v) File, proceed with or cooperate in an enforcement, auction or preservative measure.
    • vi) All work related to outside attorneys, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners including request for representation or advice,
           engaging as legal counsel, etc.
    • vii) Other work recognized as Legal Work by the Head of Team in Charge or Head of Legal Team.
  • Essential and core activities of Compliance Control
3. Inspection
  • At the end of each quarter, Compliance Manager should prepare and report a Compliance Control Inspection Checklist
    by choosing one of the following methods; (i) written report, (ii) eagleoffice reporting and approval system (intranet),
    (iii) internal control system (internal accounting system, disclosure control system)
  • Compliance Control Inspection Checklist
    Checklist : Yes or No
    Checklist Y / N
    Yes No
    General 1. I understand my responsibility to observe the Constitution and statutes of the Republic of Korea and intend to comply with them.
    2. I fully understand the laws of a country that I have a transaction with or reside in and intend to comply with such laws, to the extent such compliance will not result in a violation of the Constitution and statutes of the Republic of Korea.
    3. I fully understand the “Legal Regulations” and “Compliance Policy” of the Company.
    4. I have discussed matters requiring legal review with Legal Team with sufficient time beforehand. I formulated and reported to a person responsible for decision-making reasonable and appropriate measures to address or prevent the problems or risks raised by the Legal Team.
    5. I conduct voluntary Compliance Inspection on an on-going basis.
    6. I have cooperated with the Legal Team and Compliance Officer regarding Compliance Control matters in good faith.
    Civil 7. I have sufficiently reviewed and precisely understood all contents and details of a contract (including attachments). I sought all possible lawful measures to secure best interest to the Company when drafting and signing the contract.
    8. I have not granted credit to a major shareholder, his related parties, a director or an auditor. I have received approval from Board of Directors in dealing with a major shareholder or his related parties. I have not performed any act in violation of the Commerce Law §542-9 (Transaction with major shareholders and other stakeholders)
    9. In signing a contract with an affiliate company, I made sure to secure fairness of contract terms, such as setting an appropriate price, so that no provision will be construed as an act of unjust support as defined in Monopoly Regulations and Fair Trade Act.
    10. I executed the concluded contract in good faith and there has been no dispute under the contract.
    11. I did not violate copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademarks (collectively “intellectual property rights”) of others and acknowledge that I need to immediately discuss with Legal Team in the event of discovering that the Company’s intellectual property rights are infringed by others.
    12. I have not performed any act in violation of the Business Secret Protection Act.
    13. I have not performed any act in violation of the Personal Information Protection Act.
    14. Upon the occurrence of an even that is required to be publicly disclosed, I cooperate closely with the responsible department to ensure a proper and timely disclosure. In performing my duties, I make it a priority to review whether it is subject to a public disclosure requirement.
    15. I have not performed any act that may give rise to civil liabilities such as a compulsory enforcement or compensation for damages.
    Criminal 16. I have not offered or given a bribe.
    17. I have not forged or manipulated any document.
    18. I have not taken any action to damage others’ credit, disrupt their business or obstruct the fairness of an auction or bidding.
    19. I have not committed any embezzlement or malpractice.
    20. I have not taken any action construed as sexual harassment in the workplace under the Act on Equal Employment Opportunity and Support for Work·Household Balance.
    21. I have not committed abuse of dominant market position, unfair common practice, unfair business practice, resale price maintenance or violated the limits on corporate merger in the Fair Trade Act.
    22. I understand that, should I come to know that investigating authorities, such as the prosecution or police, have summoned, arrested or imprisoned an employee of the Company or initiated a compulsory measure, such as search or seizure, against the Company, or enforcement authorities such as the Fair Trade Commission have initiated an investigation of the Company, I need to report to my immediate supervisor and Legal Team without delay and cooperate with such authorities in good faith.
    Other 23. I have not performed any act that may incur criminal liabilities including penalties.
    24. I fully understand laws related to my responsibilities and shared summarized points of such laws with relevant personnel.
    25. I have not committed negligence by failing to report to or apply for responsible administrative agencies’ approval or permission.
  • On-site inspection · interview: conduct if necessary.
  • Voluntary compliance inspection by individual Compliance Control unit.
4. Training
  • Hold Compliance Workshop more than once a year to educate Compliance Managers
    → knowledge to be disseminated within individual Compliance Control units.
  • Include compliance as a topic in training programs for the newly recruited
    (both recent graduates and those with work experience)
    → To imprint the importance of Compliance Control at the beginning of their career at the Company.
  • Group education : if necessary.
  • Online education : to be reviewed.
  • Create an archive and a forum on the intranet.
5. Reporting and Validity Assessment