Human Resource Management

We are taking initiative to make an inclusive society that doesn’t discriminate
based on educational background, gender and region by hiring talents based on individuals’ capability and job fit.
We nurture creative minds who will lead us in the global market.

Core Values

People who share and act on Hanwha’s core values

  • Challenge
  • Dedication
  • Integrity

    People with a challenger spirit

    We don’t settle for the present and pursue the best through constant changes and innovations

    - Actively develop ourselves to become the best in our field
    - Think outside the box to find new solutions and opportunities
    - Set ambitious goals and make it with the “Can Do” spirit


    People who demonstrate dedication

    We highly regard the company, customers and people and go above and beyond to achieve bigger goals

    - put ‘us’ first above ‘me’ and prioritize our shared goals
    - Deliver on promises with customers and continuously create customer values
    - Trust each other and work together based on a community spirit


    People of integrity

    We act right and fair based on principles and a high sense of pride

    - Act on principles, not following short-sighted gains
    - Treat other people transparently and fairly based on one’s ability and performance, not personal favors