Quality Control Tracking

Proper quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures Hanwha maintain extremely low defective rate of its products. In addition, monitoring of quality of the products is performed in the fields continuously to maintain consistency of high quality in both areas of Process and Quality.
To make certain the quality of the blasting accessories delivered, Hanwha will ensure that all products are tested properly according to the procedures and standards before shipment. For this, the Hanwha quality assurance team will complete visits to manufacturing sites of all the suppliers and will conducts audits on their quality control process and activities.

Once the quality management process of the supplier are approved, written quality reports will be received and reviewed by Hanwha regularly before each shipment is made and then they will be kept for contract period. In addition, to protect the products from any risk of damage during transportation, we will make sure that all products should be transported after packaging in a container. Once the products have arrived at the magazine on sites, the Hanwha person who is in charge of handling the products will check if there has been any damage or change in the status of the packages. To maintain fresh products, a strict stock rotation system will also be implemented.

Mining Services

With world-leading technologies, manufacturing excellence and customer-focused services,
Hanwha Mining Services offers the market a dynamic partner for the future.

Hanwha Mining Services Chile

With over 60 years of experience in the explosives industry, Hanwha launched its international business platform in 2014.
With world-leading technologies, manufacturing competency and customer-focused services, Hanwha Mining Services
offers the market a dynamic partner for the future. Our world-class products and services offer true 'Customer Choice' with
flexibility for our customers to meet their needs and deliver the best outcomes for their projects. We take pride in our integrity
and it is our priority to operate ethically and safely across the organization. Our willingness to collaborate has expanded
our customer base rapidly and we now have our presence in Indonesia, Australia, USA and Chile.

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We recognize that our customers have diverse needs that require unique, tailored solutions. Our diverse suite of services ensure that we can support your drilling & blasting needs successfully.


  • Rock On Ground Services
  • Total Drill & Blast Services
  • Total Loading Services
  • Down the hole Services
  • HiTRONIC™ Shotfiring Services

Product &
Supply *

  • Supply of PPAN
    (low density, high density and agriculture grades)
  • Supply of Bulk Explosives
    (ANFO, XLOAD™, HiDEX™, HiMEX™)
  • Supply of Initiating Systems
    (HiDETO Plus™, HiNEL Plus®, HiTRONIC™ II)


  • Technical Support
  • HiTRONIC™ User Training

Bulk Systems

Through Hanwha’s expertise and proprietary technology, a suite of bulk products have been developed with excellent safety, blast efficiency and formulated to minimize fume propensity. Hanwha’s suite is comprised of the following distinct products:

Hanwha’s flagship emulsion, XM1000, is a dual salt, high energy product with a low water content. Manufactured with a high efficiency emulsifier, XM1000 is a robust product that can be trusted in the toughest of downhole applications.
Unique to Hanwha is XLOAD. XLOAD is a density modifiable heavy ANFO that can be manufactured with densities from 0.9 – 1.2 g/cc. Water resistant products can be manufactured from 1.0 – 1.2 g/cc. The benefit of XLOAD is that with the correct design, density can be maintained when loading wet and dry holes – preventing the need to load high expense, high emulsion pump products.

Initiating Systems

Hanwha has applied 60 years of experience, proprietary technology world leading expertise to develop best in class initiating systems and bring them to market. Hanwha’s initiating products include:

Hanwha Electronic Blasting System

Quality Control

In order to match customer expectations and match a rapidly changing business environment, Hanwha has established the following quality policy.


  • Hanwha does all it can to provide the best quality &
    service to meet customers’ expectations & requirements

of the Quality

  • Hanwha fully understands and has attained ISO 9001 quality management system Hanwha maintains proper quality system by updating quality manuals and instructions Hanwha carries out HEPP (Human Error Prevention Plan) for all processes to continuously improve product and service qualities


  • Hanwha achieves high quality level through scientific control

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Hanwha operates under the Quality Policy specified above, and this policy is applied both to the goods that we produce on our own and to the goods are outsourced from third party. Click here for ISO 9001 documentation.

Hanwha’s Quality Control

Hanwha Corporation operates a ‘State of the Art’ manufacturing facilities in Boeun, located approximately 230km SE of Seoul. The facility was opened in October 1991, develops and manufactures of Initiating Systems, Packaged and Bulk Emulsion manufacturing.
It gives absolute comfort that all detonators that leave the Boeun facility have met the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry.

Boeun Facility

The Initiating Systems facility produces over 30M units per annum, Hanwha has produced over 800M units since its inception. Over the course of time, Hanwha engineering have been continuously improving the processes for safety, efficiency and quality.
Hanwha has developed an automated Signal tube manufacturing line which maintain sensor controlled diagnostics assuring the 3 layered tube remains within manufacturing tolerance. This production facility is another example of Hanwha leading technology.
In 2013 our IS manufacturing team created a step change in quality assurance by the addition of automated lines with X-ray imaging of every single detonator crimp. This technology developed ‘in house’ is now the global benchmark for manufacturing standard.

Hanwha’s “Quality Control Tracking” program covers its entire process: setting a high standard on its suppliers, handing of raw materials at its blasting accessories plant, using of those products at the customers’ site and monitoring post-blast results to ensure that quality is kept at high standard.

SHEC Management

Safe and Healthy life to Everyone, Everywhere!
Beneficial to our Environment and the Community!

SHEC Management

Hanwha Corporation/Explosives runs a global SHEC management system applicable to all its business sites at home and abroad. Our SHEC management system incorporates our contributions to the environment and communities as well as safety and health of our employees and suppliers into our key considerations for business decisions.


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