Sustainable Management

Our primary goal is to create a more inclusive, brighter tomorrow by establishing and implementing a robust environmental, safety,
and health (ESH) management system and making continuous research and development efforts for high-quality products and services.

Mining Services Technology Institute

In-house technology in a comprehensive range of detonators that span electronic, electric,
and non-electric and of explosives including packaged, bulk, and ANFO

Based on our distinctive technological expertise and experience, we are continuously working to develop new explosives and detonators
for domestic customers and to expand our business portfolio into formulations and equipment development, demolition, drilling,
and blasting for global customers, making significant strides in becoming the world's leading commercial explosives player.

R&D Direction

We will not remain content holding the nation's No. 1 position in explosives technology. We are committed to continuing our technological
leadership in the global market by strengthening our competitiveness in finished and semi-finished products, developing tailored products,
and exploring explosives applications opportunities on the foundation of our 60-plus-year history of technological expertise.

Lead technology development to grow into one of the world's top 3 commercial explosives makers
  • Sharpen our existing technology
    to maintain our dominant market
    share in the domestic market

    Develop new products to create new markets

    Minimize customer burden through continued cost innovation

    Develop eco-friendly products

    Develop blasting design and simulation technologies and provide assistance for optimized blasting effects

  • Reinforce base technology to secure
    mid-to long-term competitiveness

    Conduct research on the physics and chemistry of emulsion materials and explosives

    Conduct research on explosives's properties and performance evaluation/measurement technologies

    Conduct research on the combustion properties of delaying materials and related assembly technologies

    Conduct research on material analysis and explosives processing technologies

  • Develop new technologies
    for entry into global markets

    Develop bulk products to differentiate ourselves from competitors

    Develop customized explosives and equipment

    Develop high-quality detonators and accessories for IS business

    Develop D&B design and implementation technology

Source material synthesis, handling and manufacturing process technology
Industrial explosive products and manufacturing process technology
Applied technology of explosives : applied explosive products and blasting design and implementation.