Explosives Division

Based on the more than six decades of our accumulated experience and knowledge,
we are proud to be your reliable business partner that puts safety and quality above all else.

Having succeeded in the development and
local production of the nation's first dynamite in 1952,
we have supplied safe and high-quality explosives
and initiation systems to various domestic industries.

Our proven technical competence and expertise accumulated for over sixty years have been the driving forces behind our vertically integrated
business model that spans the manufacturing and distribution of raw materials for explosives, industrial explosives, and
cladding materials to diverse explosives application services such as drilling, blasting, demolition, and fireworks and further to global mining services.

With our the highest priority we place on safety and quality, Hanwha Corporation/Explosives offer products and services that
satisfy the specific needs of our customers, as a reliable business partner helping to build a better future together with our customers
in the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Central Asia, Australia, Latin America, and North America.

Business History

  • 2015

    Acquired Australian mining services company LDE Corporation
    Won Dongyang Cement's Samcheok D&B project

  • 2014

    Won Samsung Electronics' large-scale explosives demolition project

  • 2013

    Constructed a cladding plant in Hwasun
    Exported an explosives plant to Vietnam

  • 2012

    Launched Hanwha Mining Services Australia / Chile / Peru
    Established the Hanwha Chemical R&D Center

  • 2011

    Won a contract to provide mining services to KIDECO Indonesia

  • 2006

    Relocated the industrial explosives plant from Incheon to Boeun

  • 1997

    Constructed a liquid ammonium nitrate liquid plant

  • 1996

    Launched electric detonator HiDETO

  • 1995

    Launched the cladding business

  • 1993

    Constructed an emulsion explosives (EMX) plant

  • 1981

    Began manufacturing fine explosives

  • 1980

    Began manufacturing large-caliber GD

  • 1976

    Began manufacturing explosive primers

  • 1966

    Began manufacturing ammonium nitrate-fuel oil explosives

  • 1958

    Began manufacturing dynamite

  • 1956

    Began manufacturing ammonium nitrate explosives

  • 1952

    Founded Korea Explosives Inc.