Business Areas

We deliver globally competitive products and services ranging from the manufacturing and distribution
of raw materials for explosives to various explosives application services and customized mining services.

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Explosives Applications

Explosives Applications Business Anchored on
a Half-Century of Explosives Manufacturing Experience

We are leading the explosion welding and demolition sectors with our industry-leading technological strengths.
In the cladding business, we produce cost-effective, highly durable materials with a technology that bonds different
kinds of metals together by using high impact energy generated from detonation of explosives. These materials are
the key components of chemical plants and power generation facilities. Spurred by our new plant constructed in Hwasun,
we are striving to expand our presence in the domestic and global markets.


Explosive welding, one of our explosives applications businesses, is a welding process that forces two dissimilar metals together
at high instantaneous pressure by accelerating one of the components at an extremely high velocity through the use of chemical
explosives. At the moment of impact between the two components, a high-velocity jet is formed from the surfaces of both
components, removing an electrolytic oxidized layer or contamination from the surfaces and leaving them clean enough
to form a weld, while a the high pressure generated during the detonation drives the metal atoms in the bonding interfaces
close to a distance where gravitation is at play and enables a metallic bond.

  • Chemical plants and power plants

    • Heat exchangers and condensers
    • Ti & Ti Alloys + Steel
    • Pressure vessels and tankers
    • Stainless Steel + Steel
    • Seawater desalination facilities
    • Ni & Ni Alloys + Steel
    • Pulp and paper bleaching facilities
    • Cu & Cu Alloys + Steel
  • Bar & Bimetal for electrical welding

    • Bus bar connectors for steel mills
    • Transition joint
    • Grounding cords, distribution boards,
      and other electrical welding materials
    • Cu + Al
    • Large transformer terminals
    • Cu + STS
  • Structural Transition Joint

    • LNG carriers
    • Al + Steel
    • General carriers and high-speed vessels
    • Al + Ti + Ni + STS
    • Naval vessels
  • TTJ, Train Transition Joint

    • Consolidated Al body of the vehicle
      and lower steel frame
    • Al alloy + Pure Al + Steel
    • Crevice corrosion prevention of
      solidarity Bolt & Rivet


Manufacturing Equipment List
Manufacturing Equipment Quantity
Explosion Chamber 1
Buffing M/C 2
Band Saw M/C 1
Notching M/C 2
Shearing M/C 1
Press M/C(4,000T) 2
Bending Roller M/C 4
CNC turning M/C 3
Heat treating furnace / Size:4M(W)X10M(L)X5M(H) 1
Milling M/C 1
Water jet M/C 1
Electric Stamping M/C 1
Testing Equipment List
Testing Equipment Quantity
Ultrasonic Tester 2
Portable Hardness Tester 1
Micro Hardness Tester 7
Universal Testing Machine 1
Portable Alloy Analysis 1
Scanning Electron microscope 2