Business Areas

We deliver globally competitive products and services ranging from the manufacturing and distribution
of raw materials for explosives to various explosives application services and customized mining services.

Explosives Manufacturing

Taking the lead in the domestic commercial explosives market with
our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we manufacture
and supply explosives products of unparalleled quality.

Since our success in locally manufacturing the nation's first dynamite, we have manufactured and supplied quality
explosives products, which were critical to the nation's remarkable post-war economic recovery and social infrastructure
construction. Leveraging our proven safety, advanced systems, and cutting-edge and eco-friendly explosives manufacturing
facilities, we are committed to setting new standards in the global explosives market through
continuous quality improvement and product development efforts.

Explosives Products

Top-notch performance in any blasting environment

We capitalize on our outstanding technical expertise and know-how to deliver reliable yet economical blasting
solutions in any environment with our highly efficient, safe, waterproof, and coldproof explosives.

  • MegaMITE


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    MegaMITE is a gelatin type dynamite with nitroglycerine as its base material. Nitroglycerine has excellent waterproof and coldproof advantages in addition to highest detonation energy and velocity incomparable with other explosives. This explosive can be used from extremely hard rocks to soft ones, and it is especially useful for blasting of extremely hard rocks that are hardly blasted with emulsion-based explosives.

  • MegaMEX


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    MegaMEX is an explosive that can serve as a substitute for dynamites. It is also a new product developed to overcome the limitations of the power of existing emulsion explosives. The development of MegaMEX was possible thanks to our extensive experience, expertise, assessment capability of the safety of explosives and in-house explosive development systems.

  • NewMITE Plus

    NewMITE Plus

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    NewMITE Plus is a Water-in-Oil (W/O) type emulsion explosive containing about 10% of water and sensitized with physical sensitizer. Its explosive phase is made sufficiently hard using our own emulsifier and emulsifying technology so as to be easily used and handled, and it is highly water-resistant and freeze-resistant (down to -20°C). The two types, paper-packaged and film-packaged , are being supplied to suit the customer's preferences. The paper-packaged product is especially easy to load horizontally as it has the same consistency as dynamite.

  • NewVEX


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    NewVEX is a W/O type emulsion explosive packaged in paper. It is designed to be used for underground mines and to lower flame sizes and explosion temperature by adding water, heat-reducing & flame extinguishing agent, and inert material. This prevents methane gas or coal powder existing in the mine from exploding. It has excellent anti-shock properties with strengthened glass microballons, a physical sensitizer. Especially, the 28mm type product is a permissible explosive (600g) for underground use, of which safety has been proven.

  • NewFINEX


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    NewFINEX is a W/O type emulsion explosive for controlled blasting with low detonation velocity, low energy and cap sensitivity. NewFINEX can improve blasting efficiency, safety and economy by minimizing back-break, overbreak and gives a precise and well-finished surface by blasting. In particular, the tube and wing are designed with key & lock type t so that each part cannot be separated during loading work.

  • LoVEX


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    LoVEX is a packaged emulsion explosive applicable to tunnels and open pits for minimal vibration. Compared with its predecessor, LoVEX has upgraded features in size, package and other specifications for optimum blasting results in such environments that are mechanically excavated or that require minimal vibration. LoVEX offers far more excellent vibration benefits than other excavating methods such as plasma or mechanical excavation. In particular, this product allows a safe blast with minimized potential damage caused by blast vibration and noises in places near urban centers or buildings with invaluable items to be protected.

  • HiMEX


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    HiMEX is a bulk emulsion explosive manufactured on the site using a mobile mixing system. Low viscosity of the product developed by Hanwha’s unique emulsifier and emulsifying technology enables charging with pump. With HiMEX, it is possible to blast economically in large scale sites.

  • Bulk ANFO

    Bulk ANFO

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    Hanwha’s bulk ANFO can be loaded into blastholes immediately from ANFO mixing trucks, resulting in shorter loading time and allowing for economical blasting in large-scale mine sites.

  • ANFO Plus

    ANFO Plus


    ANFO Plus is a mixture of porous prilled ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. Due to its characteristics of low detonation velocity, excellent safety and relatively low price, this product is great to apply on soft rock sites. It is widely used in large scale open-pit quarries of limestone mines.

Available in various models to suit all site conditions

Developed with our technical leadership and know-how, Hanwha initiation systems feature precise millisecond delay timing,
excellent safety and an easy-to-use advantage, and are readily available in various models to suit all site conditions.

  • HiDETO Plus

    HiDETO Plus

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    HiDETO Plus is a brand name of the electric detonator produced by Hanwha. It is widely used both in the open pit and underground mines using either MS(Milli-Second) products of 200ms delay differentials or LP(Long Period) products of 100~500ms delay time differentials. The very accurate and various delay time systems mini- mize the blasting vibration and make a fine blast frag- mentation. Color codes of legwires and metal tubes enable easy identification.

  • HiNEL Plus

    HiNEL Plus

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    HiNEL Plus is a brand name of the non-electric detonator of Hanwha. TLD and Bunch connector detonated on the surface use the No.4 cap in order to minimize noise, while MS, LP and DHD detonated in down hole use the No.8 cap to detonate the explosives. The signal tube, flame transmitting device, is relatively safe as it is not detonated by usual shock, friction, radio frequency energy, leakage current or static electricity. It uses a signal tube of low energy and low detonation velocity as a flame transmitting device.



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    Electronic Detonator

    HiTRONIC is an electronic detonator of high precision that delay times for specific blast conditions are fully programmable at the site. It boasts advanced features including innovative safety, accurate and reliable detonation and delay time precision. HiTRONIC should be used in combination of the Blaster, Tester and Logger.

  • HiCORD


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    HiCORD is a detonating cord used for detonating initiation systems and cap sensitive explosives or quarrying high quality stones for construction and landscape gardening purposes. HiCORD can be used in such places where the legwire of electric detonators could be cut by shock waves or where it is difficult to use electric detonators because of static electricity, leakage current, high voltage cable, and radio frequency.