Business Areas

We have participated in national defense projects for the development of fire support, rapid assault, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems,
contributing to reinforcing the nation's defense capabilities. < The Government Order on National Security and Military Forces Development Projects >

Underwater Surveillance Equipment

Leveraging our linear sensor technology which can be applied to the sonar system of surface naval combat vessels and submarines
and to port underwater surveillance systems, we are participating in a full range of underwater surveillance projects.

Product Information



    We are now engaging in projects aimed at developing a diverse range of underwater sonar sensor systems such as Towed-Array Sensor System (TASS), Ultra Low-Frequency Towed-Array Sensor System (ULTASS), Torpedo Acoustic Counter-Measure (TACM), and Harbor Underwater Surveillance System (HUSS). To expand our sonar sensor business, we are conducting researches on low-frequency, active sonar sensors, Vector Hydrophone sonar sensors, and other cutting-edge sensor technologies.

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1. Towed Array Sonar System (TASS) :
Mounted on surface naval vessels and submarines, our Towed Array Sonar System detects adversarial submarines and their torpedoes as early as possible through low-frequency sonar detection.

2. Ultra Low-Frequency Towed Array Sonar System (ULTASS) :
The Ultra Low-Frequency Towed Array Sonar System (ULTASS) is a sonar detection system suited for intelligence vessels and submarines, detecting and identifying underwater targets at a greater distance by employing ultra low-frequency sonar detection.

3. Torpedo Acoustic Counter Measure (TACM) :
With its acoustic detection, our Torpedo Acoustic Counter Measure System detects torpedo threats by detecting underwater noise sources and provides towed and expendable acoustic countermeasures systems to protect ships and submarines.

4. Harbor Underwater Surveillance System (HUSS) :
With its acoustic or magnetic surveillance sensor installed on naval vessels or on the seafloor of harbors, our Harbor Underwater Surveillance System (HUSS) detects and identifies surface water and underwater intrusions around the clock.